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Well hello, I'm

Brittany Hall

Salon Owner, Creator, Leader, and Extension Specialist at White Rose

I'm your enneagram enthusiast, type 4 here! Obsessed with giving you your dream hair and teaching you all things extensions! I'm also your book nerd of most things but, most importantly my faith above all. I'm also a new mama to my 5 month old daughter!! She is mine and my husband's whole world!

My favorite part of being a stylist, is when I turn you around and you see yourself for the first time! Seeing the hair you've always dreamed of having but, could not achieve on your own, just became your reality!

It's not only about giving you your dream hair, it's about giving you your confidence again! As a mom myself that went through PPD, it is so important to feel like you again; even if it's something you've never experienced, but always wanted!

That makes it all worth being a hairstylist, helping YOU feel beautiful, inside and out!"

I became a stylist because I love the creativity and art I get to do everyday. But what I love even more is being able to make a difference in someone's life, with this gift God has given me. Getting to meet YOU and growing closer to every woman that sits in my chair for 10+ years now is such a JOY to my heart!

When I'm not at the salon I love watching my daughter grow, learn, and play! Snuggling her, my husband, and pups is my happy place! I also love reading, writing (this is new), puzzles, being creative, and deep conversations. Whether that be in or out of the salon, I love hearing others stories and connecting below the surface.

As an extension client myself, for a time I found it hard to find an artist that can achieve seamless, blended extensions and hair color. Which is why I now specialize in extensions and offer many different extension methods. While I love all things blended color, adding extensions is the icing on the cake! I'd love the opportunity to not only give you the hair you've dreamed about, but to help you feel like you again (even if its a new version) and bring your confidence back! You deserve this, I can't wait to meet you!


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