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Hair Extensions

Find the extensions that meet your needs.

The Hair Cost

Volume Weft

(Hand-Tied/Hidden Bead)

16"  -  $430+

20"  -  $640+

22"  -  $860+

24"  -  $1,135+

Halo Original

12"  $340 - $440+

16"  $440 - $540

20"  $540 - $640+

24"  $640 - 740+

Halo Layered

14"  $470 - $570+  

18"  $570 - $670+ 

22"  $670 - $770+  

The Fall Original

Solid Colors  $900+

Balayage Colors  $1000+

The Fall Hybrid

Solid Colors  $520+

Balayage Colors  $6200+

Halo Ponytail


Halo Bangs



Hand-Tied / Hidden Bead Extensions


Hand-Tied / Hidden Bead Extensions

Both these methods are applied with inner silicone lined beads, the extensions are placed on the beads and sewn to secure.

Hidden method hair is also placed under the beads for that flawless ponytail! 

First Initial Installation

Any first time permanent method  -  $650+


Move Ups (every 6-8 weeks)

Hidden Bead — $175+

Hand-Tied —$150+


Reinstall (every 3-5 months)

Hidden Bead — $550+

Hand-Tied — $500+

Halo Extensions

Halo Extensions

Halo Extensions are temporary extensions worn when desired. They are no maintenance and applied on at home within less than 5 minutes. Great for special occasions and the most budget friendly. 

How to Apply

Simply clip up half of your hair, place the extensions, let clipped hair down, and brush. That's it! If you are interested in this method I also will show you this during your consultation.

Extension Fitting 

Halo Fitting  -  $100


K/I Tips

K/I Tip Extensions

K/I Tip extensions are individual strands of extensions, applied one piece at a time. Usually used around the face or hairline. These are great for customization to add any extra hair if needed. 

Application + First Visit

Per Pack  -  $200+

First visit additional $100+ to blend, cut, measure, etc.


Every 4 - 6 weeks

Move-Up  -  $100+

Digital Hair Extensions Consultation
with Brittany


Hi, I'm Brittany, salon owner and extension specialist at White Rose! I am currently due with my first baby the end of November 2023. All appointments are fully booked between now and then.


I plan to be back from maternity leave in February-March 2024 and am taking a waitlist for when I will be returning. If you would like to be added to my waitlist and get first dibs for when I will be returning, please submit the form below. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all! xoxo -Britt

Please have ready a front and back photo of your hair, a hair extension goal photo, and sit aside 10 mins to answer the questions below. This will best help us to serve you and plan for which extensions will best fit your needs.


Once you submit this form, a pop-up box will then come up with a link to schedule your in person consultation; to go over further questions, color matching, and more. 

If you have any further questions or need support please feel free to email -

How did you hear about us /extensons with Brittany?
Do you currently have extensions installed in your hair?
If so, which extension method are you wearing?
How would you describe your hair texture? Please select all that apply.
How would you describe your hair density?
What services are you looking to book our first appointment together? Please select all that apply.
What are your GOALS with receiving hair EXTENSIONS?
Are you allergic to nickel?
Are you allergic to silicone?
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