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Extensions FAQ

What is the difference between Halos, Hand-Tied, and Hidden Bead Extensions?

Halo Extensions are temporary extensions worn when desired. They are no maintenance and applied on at home. Great for special occasions and more budget friendly. 

Hand-Tied and Hidden Bead are applied and maintained at the salon. They are permanent until taken out. Great for people wanting to wake up everyday with extensions already in! 

Hidden Bead is also for the person who wears their hair up often! Hair is applied on both sides of the bead to ensure the perfect pony.

How do I know which extensions to choose?

First, decide if you are wanting to wear extensions daily or on occasion. Second, decide are you wanting volume, length, thickness, or all three? Third, we can discuss all extension methods during your consult to ultimately decide which is best for your needs.

How long does my hair need to be?

Most the time your hair will need to be at least to your shoulder for extensions to blend properly. However, if your hair is shorter you can still get extensions, if choosing the topper + halo method! Be can discuss more details during your consultation as well.

Will extensions damage my hair?

The only time extensions are damaging is if they are installed incorrectly, removed incorrectly, or not taken care of or maintained properly. You won't have to worry about that here because during your appointment, I will walk you through every step on how to ensure the best longevity out of your extensions.

How long will the hair last?

The hair itself will last anywhere from 9-12 months, depending on at home care. Halos last anywhere from 12-18 months or even YEARS if only worn for occasion.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! The first 24-48 hours you may feel a slight discomfort. This is from your body getting used to the additional weight of the hair itself. After this timeframe you won't even notice they're there!

How do I take care of my extensions at home?

The most important things are brushing your extensions 2-3+ times a day, using extension safe products, and after washing your hair - making sure to dry your extensions.


How do I sleep with extensions in?

Sleeping with extensions is very easy! All you have to do is sleep in a loose braid. Pro Tip: Doing this you will wake up having the perfect waves and are ready for the day!

How often will I need to come in?

You'll need to come in for your extension move ups every 4-6 weeks. If you choose to go longer between visits, you can go up to 8 weeks before you will need a new install. Halos require no maintenance.


Can I swim with extensions in?

It is not recommended to swim with extensions in or your natural hair either. It can be very drying on the hair in general and decrease extension life. If you are in the pool be sure to have your hair up and out of the water AND have our White Rose leave-in conditioner thoroughly applied.  


How do you apply Halos at home?

Once fitted at the salon, simply clip up half of your hair, place the extensions, let clipped hair down, and brush. That's it! If you are interested in this method I also will show you this during your consultation.

How much do extensions cost?

Extensions range anywhere from $800-$2000+. We only use high quality hair and methods that won't damage your hair. You're investing in a superior product and application method when you work with our services. Click here for the breakdown of all cost.

How soon can I get in after my consultation?

We typically can get you in anywhere from 1-3 weeks after your consultation. However, if your schedule is very limited it could be 4+ weeks. We also will put you on our cancelation list, so if cancelations occur before your appointment we can get you in sooner!

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